Lifetime Accessories. Lifetime Warranty.

Keep your robot running as long as possible with our robotics subscription plan which includes accessories every three months and a liftime repair warranty. Terms apply.

Unlimited Repair

No matter the issue, we’ll arrange a collection of your robot and apply a professional repair. Each repair resets the 2-year guarantee should you wish to cancel your subscription.

Unlimited robot repair
Unlimited Accessories

Unlimited Accessories

Receive sets of durable accessories for your robot every six months to give your robot a fresh start. A happy home deserves a happy home cleaning robot.

Anniversary Check-up

Every twelve months we arrange for another collection of your robot. This process is where we ensure your robot runs like new such as parts and battery replacement.

Anniversary Check-up


Reverse the age of your robot for only £5.99* a month, per robot.

* An initial inspection of your robot will be require before your subscription can be active which costs £59.99 plus parts should you need a repair, max £149, which includes your first month’s subscription. Cancel anytime.